Brawires form 16

Flexible Bra wire

Description / form
The bra wire is used for pushup bras or deep cut modells. The wire lies very deep in the middle.
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Scheme as bra wire lies in Bra
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The Wires in this series come in sizes 60C to 125AA . (european sizes).
Wires size groups : 1-11
Wire lenght : from 160 mm to 310 mm
Distance between the endpoints : from 107 mm to 205 mm



The highly elastic spring steel coated with nylon is nickel-free . The thickened ends ( prevents a piercing of the tunneling) are on one side with a dark blue tip and on the other side , sizes depending colored marked.
The side with the dark blue tip is below the arm, ie the different colored tip is in the middle .

All Wires made out of flatsteel.
Wire of the wiresize 3- 7 is made out of flatsteel, dimension 2,0*0,6 mm
Wire of the wiresize 8-11 is made out of flatsteel, dimension 2,2*0,8 mm.


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