In this category you can find lace ribbons (Gallon) (1cm to more than 30cm). Width fabric (from 1m to 2m wide), see here LINK.

Um ein Gefühl für dir Breite der Spitzenbänder zu bekommen sind alle Spitzenbänder im gleichen Verhältnis abgebildet. To get a feeling for you width of the lace bands are all laces bands in the same proportions displayed.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure c
The size of the image is A4, the height is 21 cm. In Figure A, you have a lace band of about 3 cm and figure B, the band is about 20cm wide. Laces which are wider than 21cm, are displayed vertically. See Figure C.

color color groups (Category)
All lace and embroidery are sorted by color groups (CG).

Color groups white / ivory
Color groups red / orange / brown
Color groups green / yellow
Color groups blue / purple
Color groups black / grey
Details about colors, see the article about colors HERE LINK.
Partial colors are not possible to assign exactly to one color, because it is, for example, a shade lighter or darker. We have this lace then assigned to either a colorgroup or optionally the color number "XX9" assigned. Where the two placeholder represents the color family number.

All lace bands are selectable by the following features:
- Width group in 3 cm increments
- Elastic or nonelastich
- Color
- Pattern
- R + L = right and left pattern, that is the lace will be delievered in two pieces, one piece each in right and left pattern.