A haberdashery package contains all the haberdashery a 'woman' needs to sew a bra and two panties. All haberdashery are matched in color or are supplemented by skin-colored or transparent materials in the non-visible areas. No lining materials are included, as these must be purchased individually for the model and body size. The following materials are included:
  • 0,75 m tunneling
  • 1,00 m shoulder strap
  • 1,00 set ring/slider
  • 1,00 pc. bra closure
  • 5,00 m picot elastic
  • 1,00 pc décolleté elastic
  • 1,00 pc lining for gusset
  • 1,00 pc lining, middle section bra
  • 3,00 pcs. bows

  • A haberdashery kit (KP) is always included in a lingerie package. One possibility is to choose to a fabric and a lace / embroidery for a selected haberdashery kit (KP).

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