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Amann sewing threads are top products from Germany. The Saba No. 120 sewing thread from Amann is industry standard of the highest quality and also affordable for the hobby sewer. In particular, those who work much closer swear on thr proofen Amann quality.

The Saba No. 120 sewing thread from Amann is a particularly high-quality polyester core spun thread and is characterized by its very high tear resistance. It has optimal sewing properties and promises the highest sewing comfort. The Saba No. 120 sewing thread from Amann is a universally applicable sewing thread for women / men / children’s outerwear, swimwear, underwear, jerseys and frizz-sensitive fabrics.

It is ideally suited for machine seams in the industrial production of shirts, blouses and dresses. The Saba No. 120 sewing thread from Amann can also be used for all overhauling work. Due to its high tear resistance, this sewing thread is particularly suitable for hard-wearing seams such as bed linen or mattress quilting. But fine curtains can also be sewn with it without any problems.

The versatile application possibilities make the Saba No. 120 all-purpose sewing thread from Amann a sewing thread in a class of its own, suitable for everyday use. Industry standard for the home. In our assortment we carry the Saba No. 120 sewing thread from Amann for you on the practical 1000 m roll in over 90 brilliant colors.

Saba is mainly used for apparel, e.g. as sewing thread for ladieswear, as sewing thread for menswear, as sewing thread for sportswear & outdoor, as sewing thread for underwear & lingerie, as sewing thread for workwear, as sewing thread for leatherwear and as sewing thread for workwear. Furthermore, it is used as an embroidery thread, as well as a sewing thread for home interior textiles.

  • 100% polyester
  • Corespun thread of the highest quality, industry standard
  • colourfast, boilfast and lightfast
  • Shrink-free and iron-proof up to 200 ° C
  • very high tear strength
  • suitable for dry cleaning
  • Thread size: 120 (Nm71 / 2 dtex 141 * 2)
  • Recommended needle and needle size: Universal needle NM 70 - 80
  • for all fabrics and seams
  • optimal sewing properties with the highest seam quality
  • for closing and quilting seams
  • for overlock and safety seams
  • for buttonholes, laundry buttonholes and for sewing on buttons
  • for decorative stitches and decorative seams
  • Run length 1000 m



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Sewing sewing thread from Amann European production.Yarns size 120, 100% PES with 200 different colors on 1000m spools..

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