Yarns are needed for all sewing projects.
For elastic fabrics you need very fine yarns of size 120 or 150 (ticket no,) and the matching sewing machine needles (see sewing machine needle LINKL).

  •     The higher the number on the yarn, the finer the yarn.
  •     The lower the number on the yarn, the thicker the yarn.

For example, we use 70s yarn for repairing jeans or sewing corsets.

Since it is difficult for you to buy very fine yarns from local hobby or tailoring stores, we offer these yarns on our website. The essential thing about why you should use such fine yarns for the sewing of the elastic materials is the fact that when processing thicker yarns or the wrong sewing machine needles, you run the risk of damaging the knitted fabrics. This shows up in the formation of ladder stitches. Only with the right choice of thread from the sewing needle can you produce lingerie or swimwear items that you will enjoy over the long term.
We offer you yarns from the manufacturer Amann in lengths of 1000m or a 100m roll. 100m is enough for the sewing of one lingerie package, i.e. the sewing of a bra and two panties. With the low price of the 100m roll, you shouldn't forget this yarn on your order.

Ticket no. 120 Needle size (in Nm) 70-80

Ticket no. 150 Needle size (in Nm)  60-70



Yarn 1000m

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Yarn 100m

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