Corset boning
There are three types of corset boning, spiral steel boning, flat steel boning and plastic boning.

Flat steel boning (white) is made from different thick (0.2 to 1mm) flat spring steel. These type of corset bones are generally covered with plastic (Nylon). Flat steel boning is only flexible in one direction.
We offer flat steel boning as pre-cut version or by the meter for sale.
Please note that you also need caps for meter goods. Finished Flat steel boning are completely covered with plastic and thickened at the ends to prevent piercing. We sell these Flat steel boning per pair.

Link: Help press corset boning caps on.

Spiral steel boning is made from round spring steel and look like a flat spring. Spiral steel boning is galvanized (no nickel is used). These bones can be bent in two axes. We offer spiral bones in several width precut to length or by the meter. Please note that you need caps for the meter goods. Pre-cut spiral spring bones are sold in pairs and have a machine-pressed cap at each end. This prevents the fabric from being pierced.

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Link: Help press the corset boning caps on.

Plastic bones We offer plastic bones precut to length or by the meter in various widths. Please also note the 50 m dispenser box for studios that regularly need plastic bones.

Link: Use plastic rods to round off the Ends.

Flat steel boning

- Made in Germany. Product of the highest quality. - Hardened...

spiral steel boning

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boning tips

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plastik boning

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