is an online store offering a variety of products for lingerie, swimwear and corset sewing. How to shop without minimum order quantities:

1. Search for Items

If you know which items you are looking for, then you can search for them here on our website! Enter the item description or the part number to search for the item. If you are searching for spare or defective lingerie and swimwear, select the "Spare parts Lingerie" or "Spare parts Swimwear" options.

By the way: You may save items onto a "Wishlist" by clicking on "Wishlist" to the right of the photos on the product page. In order to access this feature, you must log into your account. If you don't have an account with us, then you can register your information by clicking here!  Create new customer account.


2. Purchasing the Items

Once you have found the items you were searching for and you are ready to buy, click on the orange button "Add to cart". Your cart will appear in a pop-up window. Here you will see all of the items that you have added to your cart. Select "Proceed to checkout" once you are ready to purchase these items. Follow the prompt on the screen to select your shipping and payment options. Enter the details required, and confirm. You're purchase is now complete!

3. Payment

Once you have purchased the items, an automatic confirmation Email will be sent to your inbox. The purchased item details and receipt are included in this email, along with the shipping and payment details.
Please check to make sure this information is correct, and that the items listed are the items you have purchased.
If you have selected the "Pre-payment" option, please be sure to transfer the balance within seven working days. Our bank details will also be included in this Email. Once the payment is received and verified, we will send out your order within two working days. .

We wish you a lot of fun shopping!

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