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Here a smal guidline how to find the correct spareparts for lingerie!

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Here a smal guidline how to find the correct Bra-Wire as sparepart for you damaged Bra

  • The most important advance : " Forget the size specified in your bra." e.g. the bra size 80B from manufacturer "A" is not equal to the bra size 80B of manufacturer " B " . ( Foreign size details are discussed below . ) The models depending on the manufacturer are very different from each other . But you know yourself : The bra of the company " A " best fit in " 85B " very good, while you need " 85C " of the company " B ", you need a larger cup. This means that a general statement about bra sizes can not be done . Furthermore, you can not conclude according the cup you are wearing, on the needed Bra Wire size.
  • It is absolutly essential that you measure the length of the Bra-Wire. Proceed as follows:
    • Put all remnants of your broken Bra-Wire on a table or - the better approach - open the tunneling (the band in which the Bra-Wire is) of the bra cup in which is still the whole bra-wire, at one end ( shoulder side) and remove the complete Bra-Wire.

    • Place the Bra-wire flat on a table and measure the outside of the Bra-Wire. Therefore you use a tailor tape and place this perpendicular round the Bra-wire.
      (See Figure 1 and 2).

    • Measure the distance between the two endpoints.
      To do this, lay the Bra-Wire flat on the table and place a tailor tape along the Bra-Wire tips.
      It is important that the tape measure or ruler is absolutely straight. To obtain an accurate measurement results, it is recommended not to measure from the metal part of the tape “0", but as in Figure 3 shown - at "10". The measurement result read from inside to inside of the Bra-Wire. The material thickness of the strap is NOT measured.

      In our example, the Bra-Wire distance is therefore 13.3 cm (read 23.3 cm and pull the 10 cm off, from the landing point left. (See Figure 3)).

      Make sure that you really only measure the distance between the endpoints without the thickness of the Bra-Wire.

    • Select the store category "Lingerie Material / Bra-Wire" and choose "All wires". Choose there, the "length" option and choose your length. If this is not available, select the next lower value.

    • The new Bra-Wire must be in any case shoorter or the same lenght, because otherwise the wire will not fit in your tunneling. Furthermore, the Bra-Wire should have a little bit (3-5 mm) air to enabled, that you can close the tunneling again. If the Bra-Wire is to tight in the tunneling, the Wire will damage the tunneling.

      Here you will find all Bra-Wires

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DIY Lingerie

For the ladies who want to sew a bra yourself, we recommend a different approach. If you have not yet sewn bra yourself, you do not know what Bra-Wire size you need to buy. We are talking specifically of Bra-Wire size and not from bra size. Since you want to achieve a perfect fit with the self-sewing the bra, then try not to order Bra-Wire, whose size you have determined over the onderbust and overbust meassurement.

To determine your Bra-Wire size, proceed as follows:
You choose a pattern that you like, and check whether your underbustsize and overbustsize are included in the size section of the pattern. You decide, based on a Wiresets the size of the required Bra-Wire. Given lay the Bra-Wire on the bare skin on the chest directly along the breasts. The Bra-Wire should enclose the breast well in a well-fitting bra.

Once you have your matching Bra-Wire-Size found, select the desired shape from such. p.E. Balcony Bra , push up bra, etc. You can compare this approach with the purchase of shoes: You must first know what size you have, then you can decide if you want low shoes, sandals, boots, etc..

In our shop, the individual Bra-Wire-Forms have serial numbers. You see there in the help which serial numbers correspond to the Bra-Wire-Forms. As wireset we recommend wireset of the Series 1. A wireset is always recommended even if you want to sew also for other people.
If you don`t want to buy a wireset and have p.E. a size 90B, you should buy besides this Bra-Wire-Size 6 (The item number of the Bra-Wire series 1 in Bra-Wire-Size 6 is B01_06) , the adjacent bra Bra-Wire-Size 5 (B01_05) and 7 (B01_07 ). With this small additional investment, you can ensure that you get a matching Bra-Wire for your first bra project.

Now determine your necessary Bra-Wire-Size as described above and remember this, since should be ordered in the future to the right Bra-Wire. Now adjust your pattern to the Bra-Wire found, so the first step towards a well-fitting bra is done. You are welcome to visit a seminar in the Lingerie Academy there will be explained to that described above and a lot more in detail in a seminar.

Let me make a few comments:
Especially women with a small breast usually have a broader back i.e. your breast the nominal Bra-Wire-Size 70 A, but you need a Bra-Wire-Size 90B. Here is not the cup size rather width of the chest crucial.

Hier ein kleiner Leitfaden wie Sie die richtigen Ringe und Schieber (Versteller) für Ihren Lieblings BH finden.

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