Requirements for purchasing as a reseller

Our offer for professional use: Only for dealers / resellers and traders from the textile sector (fashion studios, taylor, clothing manufacturers, designer, etc.) in his commercial activities, with properly registered business!
You want to profit as a reseller from our offer?
You have a registered business in Germany, the EU or any other country in the world?
You want to shop with us as a reseller at special rates around the clock?
THis will work like this:
1. You log in to our shop, by opening an account. Please do not overlook the "Phone Number" field. It is needed by us for further inquiries.
Click here to open an account with us
2. Send us an email / fax or letter with details of your business (for example, business license or certificate of registration). If you operate a website, tell us please the name of your homepage.
3. Your customer status will be changed as soon as possible by from enduser to the condition distributors / resellers.
4. You will see the net- and the reseller-prices for our products and you can order for these conditions.
5. Easy to order and around the clock online at our reseller conditions and usually get 24 - 48 h later delivered the goods (within Germany, after receipt of the money)

We have no minimum order quantities !

Neben dem Grundrabatt gibt es auch mengenabhängige Rabatte in Abhängigkeit von dem jeweiligen Produkt. In addition to the basic discount is also available a quantity discounts depending on each product .

As a reseller you easily order in our online shop.

For telephone or fax orders, we generally charge an acquisition fee of 5 , - € .

Important NOTE:
Always log prior to each purchase with your email address and password in the shop . The only way to ensure that your are purchasing prices displayed properly and charged .

Note about the pictures :

All images apparent in our store are copyright of the company Deine Dessous.
If you need images for the sale of these products , please contact us upfront. We will add you to our revocable permission list .

Your team from your Deine-Dessous

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